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The value of active management and the value of advice go hand-in-hand. As markets and investors’ needs become more complex, active managers and advisors have tremendous opportunities to add value. We are here to help you grow your business and deliver financial success to your clients.

Specialized Portfolio Management Expertise

specialized portfolio management expertise
  • Talented and specialized portfolio management groups
  • Focus on active, fundamentally driven security selection
  • Highly rated solutions across asset classes, geographies, portfolio management teams and product structures

Depth & Breadth of Solutions

Depth & Breadth of Solutions
  • One-ticket managed solutions
  • Pioneering active ETFs through First Asset
  • Sophisticated alternative strategies
  • Outcome-oriented mandates
  • Wide array of investment options allows you to deal with fewer providers

Advisor Partner & Supporter

Advisor Partner & Supporter
  • Advocate for the benefits of advice
  • Regular access to portfolio managers
  • Informative events regularly held across the country
  • Ongoing forward-looking insight to help you position clients
  • Value-added services from our Tax, Retirement and Estate Planning (TREP) and Strategic Business Development teams